Ausfall des Servers am 06.07.2018

  • Ausfall des Servers am 06.07.2018

    Der Ausfall am 6.7. wurde durch eine Wartung des Hosters verursacht, zu diesem zeitpunkt war es mir jedoch nicht möglich den Server wieder zu starten, dadurch war er länger offline als geplant.

    Contabo schrieb:

    With this e-mail, we would like to inform you that there is an immediate
    need for a short maintenance for your VPS [...]. Our technicians will do everything in their power to
    finish all tasks as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there was no way
    to announce this maintenance earlier, which is why we apologize for any

    The maintenance will take place on Friday, 6th July at 13:00 UTC+2.

    The offtime is expected to last no longer than 30 minutes.